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Event Photography

Sports, Banquets, Ceremonies, Parties, Reunions and more!

Whatever your occasion, if you want to share the memories with family or attendees the best way is to have a professional record it.  Olde Tyme Photo has years of experience in photographing events of all kinds, in all kids of locations.

From Marshal Arts Testing and Promotions to TriathlonsFrom Family Reunions to Banquets and Fundraisers.  We can cover any event.  With a single photographer for smaller events or multiple photographers to cover a large event. Get loads of photos of everything and everyone.

Set up a Red Carpet portrait location to make your guests feel like they are celebrities.  Create an area for individuals or groups to take a photo.  We can set up the shoot!

Send us an email at george@oldetymephotorevival.com and let us know about your event.

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